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Let's put the fun in fitness

Let's put the fun in fitnessLet's put the fun in fitness

Dancing is cheaper then therapy. Let's Kick Start A Healthy Lifestyle!

Salsation® with Mel C


Dance & Fitness


Classes Schedule

Benefits of Dancing



Mondays - My Fine Artx Academy,  Bandar Baru Sri Damansara. 7.30pm

Tuesdays - Ampang, 6pm (Private Class)

Wednesdays - Bangsar Sports Complex, 8pm.

Thursdays - Ampang, 6pm (Private Class)

Fridays- Fabulous Ladies Fitness Studio, Jalan Ipoh. 8.30pm

Saturdays- Anjali North Kiara. 9.30am (For Residence only)


MOVE with Mel C Classes:

Fridays -  Fabulous Ladies Fitness Studio, Jalan Ipoh. 7.30pm

Line Dance Classes:

Thursdays-  Anjali North Kiara. 8.30pm (For Residence only)

A Dance Class that is suitable for all age range & gender. Suitable for even ultimate beginners with no dance experience. Classes are design to improve ones musicality & ability to dance.

Movements are thought in a progression that leads & sums up into a full choreography. From time to time, the body will improve in coordination, motor skills, balance & stretchability. It is a feel good class. I assure you that "Everyone Can Dance". At the end of every class. Every participant that doubt they can ever dance is proven that there is a dancer within them that needed a little nurture to be set free to express themselves.

Other Classes by Mel C

(Subject to  availability):

- Kids/ Teens Dance Class

- Corporate Staff Dance Fitness/ Team Building

- Event / Performance Choreography

- Outdoor Dance Fitness

- Basic Line Dance / Cha Cha / Salsa , etc...

For Bookings / Inquiries:

Contact +6014 726 1033 (WhatsApp only)



Benefits of Dancing


SALSATION® is a fresh take on dance fitness! Combining the Street Latin dance movements and other genre of dances like Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Afro, Dancehall & Reggaeton with the newest Latin house & dance tracks.

SALSATION® is a fun and addictive dance fitness program that feels more like a dance party. Innovative choreography based on functional training with a very strong focus on musicality and lyrical expression.

SALSATION® movements are organic, effective & fun. These innovative dance moves, ensures the body moves in a natural and healthy way. Movements are controlled and very grounded making it safe and gentle on the joints and it is fun for all age!

SALSATION® Functional training principles that encourage growth in these four areas:

Locomotion: The focused and controlled movements of SALSATION® assist in rebuilding tissue, correcting faulty movement patterns, and minimizing the impact of injuries.

Level changes: SALSATION® supports a healthy core by incorporating squats, lunges, and lifts into our choreographies.

Push and pull: Dancing is not just fancy footwork; the arms get a great workout too! In any given song, you just might be performing a pull-down, an overhead press or a row.

Rotation: Choreographies often change directions strengthening rotational power and your core.

 Dance never felt so good!

No dance experience required!


Benefits of Dancing

Benefits of Dancing

Benefits of Dancing

Studies shows that moving to the music can make you happier, reduce stress, help you lose weight, stay flexible, boost your brainpower, improve your outlook, grow your social circle and protect your most important organs.

A study in Circulation: Heart Failure  found that people with cardiac conditions who danced for just 20 minutes three times a week saw their heart health improve significantly more than those who stuck to traditional cardio workouts. Dancing also help make your skeleton strong, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. When researchers compared dancers with non-dancers, they found evidence that dancing may preserve both motor skills and perceptual abilities. A New England Journal of Medicine study of 11 physical activities found that dancing was the only one that lowered dementia risk by a whopping 76 percent.

The psychological benefits are also impressive. Research dating back to the 1980's supports the idea that dancing can curb anxiety. For decades, some therapists have prescribed dancing as an effective therapy for those who suffer from social anxiety and fear of public speaking. The idea is, if you can loosen up enough to boogie in front of strangers, you’re a lot less likely to feel self-conscious when hanging out or speaking in front of an audience.

About Mel C

Dance Instructor, Salsation Instructor - Dance & Fitness Education.

Professional Banker with over 10 years of experience in the Financial Industry turned Dance and Fitness Instructor. Passionate about growing my classes of Salsation® Dance Fitness & Move with Mel C. 

I have been dancing and performing ever since I was a toddler. Dancing have become a daily part of my life. In 2017 I discovered Salsation® online and decided to take the Instructor Training in May 2017. Also a retired footballer who had to retire early in the industry due to unfortunate severe knee injuries. With hours of practicing to Salsation® I notice there are no pain at all. I could see results of more toned muscles and region of muscles also being build. The entire form of the program which incorporate functional training movements felt like physiotherapy. This is how I knew that I have finally discovered the best dance fitness program!  I was ready to permanently switch my career path to the Dance and Fitness Industry with Salsation® as my main focus.

Now a full time Salsation® Instructor and Dance Instructor of various genres including Line Dancing. My goal is to encourage people to engage in a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it, and what more better way then Dancing.

SALSATION® hold a very special place in my heart as I witness how the program have changed many lifes: Physically, Mentally and Emotinally. Truly uplifting! #moveandbemoved

I have the ability to design  my classes for any fitness level & dance experience. My goal is to encourage participants to engage in a healthy lifestyle habit & have fun while getting fit.

I provide classes for any fitness levels, no dance experience needed. I welcome all age & gender, Dance & Fitness are Fun for all. Classes also available for Kids, Teens, Senior Citizens & Corporate Staffs. I love encouraging parents to bring their kids along to classes. I enjoy hosting classes outdoors most especially by the lakes. I usually take my corporate classes participant to our beautiful lake sides to enjoy nature while getting fit as a community.


Hari Sukan Belia 2017 - Sungai Besi Military Camp.

3rd Feb 2018 – Fitness Fiesta, Fundrising National Cancer Society Malaysia. Obtain Special Credits from Even Organizers for Digital Marketing Support. 

31st Mar 2018 – 1st Apr 2018 – Fit A.F. Carnival (DC Mall) – Presentation of Salsation Full Class. 

July 2018 - Featured in Fitness section of Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine Vol.2, 2018.

August 2018 - Launch of IFAA in Malaysia during MISFIT 2018 with a role as The Professional Fitness Certification Manager. 

October 2018 - Pink October Elements Mall, Melaka. Event coordinator.

November 2018 -  Establishment of Parental Approved "Move with Mel C" Dance Classes at My Passion Central Studio.

2019 - Junior Ambassador Xierra Wear.

October 2019 - Salsation® Blast Asia,  committee.

20 Feb 2020 - Attain Salsation®  Elite Instructor License by the company.

Mel's Accreditation:

Salsation® ID: 103927 

CPR Certified (CERT Academy)

First Aid Certified (CERT Academy)

AED Certified (CERT Academy)

Fire Safety & Prevention Certified  (JBPM) 

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Mel C Dance Fitness

Contact +6014-726 1033

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22.02.2020 - Attained a higher level of rank & file from Salsation ®  Fitness as an ELITE Instructor.

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WhatsApp: +6014-726 1033

Latest Classes / Events

Latest Classes / Events

Latest Classes / Events

 In compliance with the Malaysian Government Movement Restriction Orders, I’m temporarily suspending all classes and events until further notice. I seek everyone’s patience and understanding as we are all in this together. I appreciate each and every one of you and am committed to supporting you however you need me, so feel free to DM / WhatsApp me for any private dance lessons / virtual classes / dance tutorials. Your health and safety is my priority.

Take Care and Stay Safe. See you all soon!